Casting Call

I’ve vowed to essentially keep this space free from my seemingly boundless obsession with political junkiedom — there are plenty of folks in the blogosphere doing the commentary thing much better than I can (and, if you really want it, it’s pretty much unavoidable in my Facebook and Twitter feeds).

But my friend Claudia Lamb was struck with a bit of inspiration this morning on the Facebook machine, and it looked like something that might be fun to try here. It’s gonna require a little audience participation from you.

Unless you’re stationed in Antarctica, you pretty much couldn’t avoid the news the last day or two about Michael Wolff’s  new “tell all” from inside the White House. The presale marketing runup to this thing is without equal since the Harry Potter series ended. So, here’s the game.

You know damned well, the pitches are already well underway for the film rights and the jockeying has begun for the juiciest roles (hmmm…script by Aaron Sorkin?).

Now we get to be the collective Casting Director. In the comments, please offer your nominations to play the parts in the picture.

The ground rules (which I just made up): Any actor, living or dead will be considered. Non-actors MAY be accepted on a case by case basis.


5 Replies to “Casting Call”

  1. I don’t know how or where, but there must be a really good guy in this film. Who better than Leslie Howard? My suggestion is mainly based on his role as an on the surface harmless don, who not only brought his students safe home to England through a Europe at war, but also… I won’t say more here, except – if you haven’t seen his Scarlet Pimpernel (Pimpernel Smith) from 1941: Just do it!

    A harmless don, against a harmful one…

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